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“How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank

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Lori Vidlak

Lori Vidlak leads interactive learning experiences that promote critical thinking, team spirit, and the honest sharing of perceptions. She helps board and staff members understand their responsibilities, discover their strengths, build skills, and establish collaborative relationships among themselves and within their communities. She advocates forging alliances among people with diverse perspectives based on common ground and a shared vision.

Lori began her career as a journalist in the U.S. Army. She gained experience and insight working with volunteers as a public information specialist and community educator with nonprofit and government agencies. She earned a B.A. in Speech Communications from the University of Washington and a M.Ed. from Doane College, Crete, Neb. She has developed curriculum for distance-learning communication courses, co-written a book on choosing educational software, and produced award-winning documentary films. She started her own consulting business in 1999. Through the years, Lori has worked with a variety of gifted individuals as business associates and project partners. She combines her talents with theirs when appropriate to achieve success for our Bluestem clients. Contact us for more information.